【Ten ways to teach you how to grow beautiful orchids🌸】

“Everyone buys orchids for the New Year, but everyone knows how to grow orchids?”😵‍💫

1. 🍃Ventilation environment: A well-ventilated environment is the most important part of growing orchids. Using soil with good air permeability can make orchids grow better.

2. 💦Don’t water frequently: Orchids are very drought-tolerant and only need watering once every two weeks. When pouring water, be careful to only spray it on the soil surface and roots. It is not advisable to wet leaves and flowers, otherwise they will easily rot and necrosis.

3. 🍂Prune dead leaves appropriately: It is recommended to use sterilized tools to prune off dead leaves or brown flower stalks, which can encourage orchids to continue to grow new leaves and sprouts!

4. ⛅️Light should be sufficient: Orchids are still more suitable for a semi-sun environment. Exposure to the hot sun for too long may cause orchids to get sunburned.

5. 🌡️Appropriate temperature and humidity: The temperature of the orchid growing environment should be between 18-30 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should be maintained at about 50%-70%. Appropriate temperature and humidity can promote the growth and flowering of orchids.

6. 🌱Choose the right fertilizer: Orchids need an appropriate amount of fertilizer to grow better, but you need to pay attention when choosing fertilizers. Excessive fertilizer may harm orchids. It is recommended to use fertilizers specially designed for orchids.

7. 🌺Pick flowers in time: After the orchids bloom, the flowers begin to fall. Pick the fallen flowers in time to promote more orchid blooms and prevent orchid flowers from getting sick and rotting.

8. 👀Observe pests and diseases: Orchids are susceptible to pests and diseases. It is necessary to observe the status of orchids frequently and deal with pests and diseases in a timely manner.

9. 🌿Change the pot in time: The root system of orchids does not like to be too wet. Planting in the same pot for a long time can easily cause root rot. It is recommended to change the pot soil every once in a while.

10. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Frequent observation: You should always observe the growth status of orchids and take appropriate care of them. If there are problems, deal with them in time, so that the orchids can grow healthier and more beautiful.

The above are some tips for growing orchids. I hope they can help you grow a healthy and beautiful orchid.

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