[2023 Popular Flower Planting Plants for Beginners to Practice🌵]

[2023 popular lazy plants for beginners to practice flower cultivation🌵]

Have you started learning to grow flowers? Xinjing introduces 6 kinds of plants for you. No matter what you plant, they won’t die. Good news for newbies!

1️⃣Cactus: the crown of lazy plants and the first tolerant to drought. Just shower it with water once every half month, and it can resist radiation if placed next to the computer.

2️⃣Sansevieria: a multifunctional plant. In addition to decoration, it can also absorb formaldehyde and purify the air. Especially during winter dormancy, water needs to be controlled. Watering once a week is enough. .

3️⃣Rhododendron: It needs to grow in an environment of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for Hong Kong’s weather. And it only needs watering once a week, making it beautiful and easy to grow.

4️⃣Three tail sunflower: It is best to avoid direct sunlight, but it should not be too dark. It can grow normally as long as it is placed indoors in a brightly lit place.

5️⃣Petunia: Contrary to the petunia, its heat-resistant characteristics allow it to bloom under long-term sunlight, and the flowering period can last as long as four to four days. Five months, it is a plant worth investing in.

6️⃣Pantis: The most adaptable flower, it is cold-resistant and likes to stay dry. It is the easiest flower to grow in Hong Kong in autumn and winter. It is recommended to water it once every one to two weeks.

You have a cool plant and want to try it! ! 😎


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