[Create a green home: How to choose suitable indoor plants? 】

Recently, more and more people choose to plant various green plants indoors, not only as decoration, but also to help absorb indoor formaldehyde and purify the air🌬️. Now, we introduce you to two ways to choose the right indoor plants for your home, make your home greener and deepen your connection with nature 🌱🌿☘️.

1️⃣Temperature and humidity🌡️

Before choosing indoor plants, it’s crucial to know the temperature and humidity at which they thrive best 🌡️. Since the climate in Hong Kong is usually humid and warm, it is best to choose some plants that are suitable for growing in such conditions, such as orchids. Orchids grow best in a warm and humid environment. They have a long flowering period, rich colors and various shapes, which can add color to the indoor environment.

2️⃣Sunshine time🌞

In indoor environments, the inability of plants to be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time is a major limiting factor. Most plants will grow well if the location you set aside for your plants receives approximately 5 hours of sunlight each day🌸. But if your location is darker, you should choose shade-tolerant plants 🌵, such as tiger orchid, which is a plant that is perfect for indoor growing. It is not only resistant to shade, but also has strong air purification capabilities and can absorb more than 80% of indoor harmful gases, so it is an excellent home decoration choice.

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