DIY gardening style terrace design: 3 design styles to teach you to create a unique balcony

  • Flower pot/container design
  • Vertical green garden design
  • Mini farm design

In modern urban life, terraces are windows for many Hong Kong people to get close to nature. By designing a horticultural terrace, we can transform a limited space into an enchanting garden that provides us with the opportunity to relax, enjoy and connect with nature. Terrace DIY not only allows us to have an oasis in the busy city, but also allows us to express our personal style and creativity.

This article will guide you into the world of DIY garden design for your patio and explore a variety of ideas and garden design options. No matter how small or large your patio is, there are many wonderful possibilities waiting to be discovered. Please follow us as we discover how to bring new life and beauty to your terrace through gardening design. Let’s start this exciting DIY gardening style patio journey!

A. Flower pot/container design:
The focus of the design is to choose a variety of flower pots and containers. You need to choose different shapes, sizes and materials, such as ceramic pots, wooden boxes, metal buckets, etc., to create multi-layered and rich effects. Next, you need to choose suitable plants, taking into account the sun exposure and plant needs of your balcony, select suitable flowers, leafy plants and climbing plants to create a colorful and layered container garden.

The following are recommended plants:

  • Flowers: petunias, forget-me-nots, dwarf heather, petunia
  • Green leafy plants: bromeliad aloe, succulents, fern, poinciana
  • Climbing plants: ivy, redbud, Vivienne vine

B. Vertical green garden design:

The focus of the design is on vertical arrangement of flower pots and hanging designs. You can buy/make some vertical flower pots, hanging baskets or hanging flower pot racks to hang plants in the air on walls, railings or balconies to create three-dimensional green Walls and spaces. At the same time, planting a climbing plant can be the finishing touch to this design. Choose climbing plants such as ivy, creeping plants that climb the wall, etc., and let them climb on the bracket or network to form a vertical greening effect.

The following are recommended plants:

  • Vertical flower pots: agave, dripping Guanyin, bottle green, ferns
  • Hanging design: hydrangea, periwinkle, longevity flower, mini cactus
  • Climbing plants: wisteria, geranium, honeysuckle, morning glory

C. Mini farm design:

Planting various edible plants on the balcony, such as herbs, leafy vegetables, etc., in addition to landscaping, can also provide fresh ingredients for cooking. Secondly, you need to choose the right container and soil for the variety. It is recommended to use deep and wide containers to ensure the growth and root development of the herb plants, and use a suitable soil mix that provides good drainage and nutrient supply.

The following are recommended plants:

  • Herbs: rosemary, mint, basil
  • Leaf vegetables: lettuce, spinach, cilantro, chives
  • Melons and fruits: peppers, tomatoes

By designing a DIY garden-style patio, you can transform your patio into a space that is beautiful, comfortable, and connected to nature. By choosing plants, containers and décor that fits or appeals to you, and by adding unique touches based on your personal preferences and design style, you can create a patio environment that is pleasing and personalized.

This garden design process is a creative and fun one that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while living in the city. Whether you are growing flowers, vegetables, or creating vertical greenery or a mini farm, each design has its own unique charm and value.

Start planning your patio DIY gardening design now! Incorporate personal style and creativity to transform your patio into a green, comfortable and enjoyable outdoor space. Enjoy your time connecting with nature!