[New Plant Encyclopedia: Cactus🌵]

Cactus is a plant with a unique appearance and adaptability that is native to desert areas in the Americas🏜️These plants have the ability to conserve water and survive in dry environments, making them ideal ornamental plants both indoors and outdoors💚
🌱Growing environment: Cactus likes sufficient sunlight and good drainage☀️
🏡Planting location: Suitable for planting on windowsill, balcony or other sunny places🌇
🌸Blooming season: Some varieties of cacti bloom beautiful flowers in spring and summer🌼
💦Does it need to be watered? need! Wait for the soil surface to dry before watering. The frequency and amount of watering can be reduced in winter
✂️Maintenance points: Check the cactus regularly for pests and diseases🐛🐜And maintain a dry growing environment
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