[New Scenery Plant Encyclopedia: Petunia]

Petunia is native to South America🌎 Its flowers are funnel-shaped and colorful🌈, including purple, pink, red, white, etc. The bright colors make it very suitable as an ornamental plant for courtyards, balconies and pots🌹, and is especially loved by gardening enthusiasts💚.

🌞Lighting requirements: It needs about 6-8 hours of sunlight every day. The more sunlight, the more colorful the flowers will be🌻.

🏡Planting location: Suitable for planting near windows and terraces or in places exposed to sunlight🏠

🌸Blooming season: usually from late spring to autumn, approximately from May to October📅

💦Watering interval: water when the soil surface becomes dry to avoid root rot🚰.

✂️Maintenance points: Regular pruning is required. During pruning, dead, diseased and overcrowded branches should be cut off, and withered flowers should be removed to keep the petunias healthy. Keep blooming🌷





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