Scene Garden: Summer Launching Ceremony

This is a playground designed specifically for owners and pets, where you can enjoy the sun, swim, have a picnic or spend a leisurely afternoon with your beloved pet.

Scope of use:

10,000 square feet of pet paradise, including:

💙 Large inflatable swimming pool over 1200 feet for pets.
💚 8,000 feet of real grass.
Three European-style tents, outdoor benches and sun umbrellas are shared.

Scene Garden swimming pool and lawn fees and details:

Admission fees: one-time admission, full day pass
🎉Trial opening discount🎉 (share the venue on social platforms to enjoy it)
The fee is $200 for two people and one pet, and $100 for each additional owner.

⏰Pool opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 12:00-17:00
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 10:00-17:00

The following facilities are provided:

Precautions for use of venue and swimming pool

Notes, terms and conditions:

  1. Because this venue welcomes private events, if there is a private event on that day, it will not be open to the public. Please pay attention to the venue’s social media updates or call to inquire.
  2. Dog owners must wear diving shoes when entering the water. You can bring your own or purchase them at the venue.
  3. Dog owners should first understand whether their dog is suitable for swimming and refrain from feeding for at least 4 hours before swimming to avoid discomfort.
  4. Before swimming in the water, please take your dog to urinate and defecate. You should also allow time for the dog to take a walk to warm up, rinse off the mud or wash it. After entering the foot pool, let them swim in the pool.
  5. Please pay attention to the activities of dogs in the swimming pool and do not let them relieve themselves in the swimming pool.
  6. Please clean up the dog’s urine and feces yourself. After picking up the feces, please rinse the area with feces and urine with a water hose.
  7. Please keep your property and supervise the dogs you bring. Our company will not be held legally responsible for any property damage or dog injuries/casualties.
  8. Dog owners must pay attention to their dogs’ activities and swimming conditions and reactions. If their dogs appear uneasy or uncomfortable, they should stop immediately.
  9. This venue provides life jacket rentals for $60.
  10. Free parking, but parking spaces are limited, please inquire in advance.
  11. Please do not bring prohibited items, flammable and explosive items (such as firecrackers) or other dangerous items into the venue.
  12. Please respect other users and servers in the venue and use civilized manners language and refrain from any dangerous or destructive behavior.
  13. Smoking is prohibited inside the venue. If you need to smoke, please sit outside the venue and handle the cigarette butts carefully.
  14. Please always take care of the children you are traveling withand dogs.
  15. Please do not take away venue facilities and items. If there is any damage, you will be responsible for compensation.
  16. There are trash cans and recycling bins placed in the venue. Please do not litter randomly and classify the garbage well.
  17. Because it is adjacent to a private housing estate, in order to protect nature and safe rest time, please do not make loud noises or play music after 22:00 in the evening.
  18. Once the reservation is confirmed, all changes/cancellation procedures will be handled in accordance with the cancellation policy and bad weather arrangements for the experience. Please read the cancellation policy and bad weather arrangements carefully first< / span>


  • All aggressive dogs are prohibited from entering the park.
  • This venue clearly requires dog owners to accompany their dogs at all times and assume supervision. responsibility.
  • This venue will not be held responsible if a dog becomes unwell, injured or dies during swimming any liability.
  • If a dog conflicts or fights with other dogs resulting in injury or death, This should be handled and resolved by the dog owners themselves, and the venue will not assume any responsibility.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Reservation changes: 20 days before the entry time: the date can be changed once (per order), and the validity period is other dates of equal value within 60 days.
  • Less than 20 days before admission: no changes to details are allowed.

Bad weather arrangements:

  • Swimming pool closed: red rain, black rain, yellow rain, thunderstorm warning, typhoon signal The hanging pool will be closed.
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Scene Garden

An outdoor activity location away from the hustle and bustle, with a lawn, three unique picnic tents, and three campervan lounges. You can bring your own food here for picnics, barbecues and hot pots.

How to get to Scene Garden

Departure from Yuen Long-
1️⃣Bus 76K goes to Sheung Shui (Ching Ho), get off at California Garden, and walk inward along the slope next to the cycling track.
2️⃣Take the red minibus No. 17 from Shui Che Kwun Street in Yuen Long to Sheung Shui. Get off at the bottom of the California Garden Bridge and walk inwards along the ramp next to the cycling track.
Departure from Sheung Shui:
1️⃣Bus 76K goes to Long Ping Estate, get off at Bihao Garden, go up the footbridge and cross under the California Garden Bridge opposite, and walk inward along the ramp next to the bicycle path.
2️⃣Take the red minibus No. 17 from San Fat Street in Sheung Shui to Yuen Long. Get off at the foot of the California Garden Bridge and walk inward along the ramp next to the bicycle path.

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