Solar engineering

Sun King Landscape Services Limited is committed to providing quality solar projects to meet your unique needs. Our solar engineering has a comprehensive process. We first conduct a detailed inspection of your site, taking into account factors such as location, sunlight conditions, and energy needs. A customized solar system designed by Xinjing Horticulture can achieve maximum energy production and efficiency.

The “Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff” scheme is a policy measure introduced by the Hong Kong government in May 2018 to promote the development of renewable energy and increase its proportion in energy supply. The program encourages individuals and private institutions to install renewable energy systems (such as solar power systems) and inject the electricity they generate into the grid while enjoying higher feed-in tariffs.


"Renewable energy feed-in tariff" plan

Through the “Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff” scheme, the Hong Kong government hopes to encourage more people to invest in and use renewable energy systems, achieve green energy transformation, and contribute to building a sustainable society and environment.

The operation process of solar power generation system

Solar panels

Solar panels receive sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) energy.


DC electricity goes into the inverter, which converts it into alternating current (AC) energy.

Grid connection

The converted alternating current can be connected directly to the grid.

Electricity usage

The electricity generated by the power generation system can be supplied to your home or workplace to meet your electricity needs.

Instrument measurement

Electric utilities install meters to measure the current generated and energy consumed by solar systems.

On-grid electricity price buyback

According to the "Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff" plan, the power company will buy back the solar power generated from you based on the feed-in tariff.


The power company performs settlements every two months and reflects the amount of your electricity purchase on your electricity bill.

Solar panel installation process


Free solar engineering consultation

Contact New View Horticulture via phone or WhatsApp for inquiries about the “Renewable Energy FiT Scheme” and any questions related to solar systems and solar panels.


On-site inspection and quotation

Our professionals will conduct a free on-site inspection to understand your solar panel installation environment and specific needs. We’ll provide immediate advice and guidance to help you identify suitable solutions and provide a solar project quote.


Solar panel arrangement planning and engineering design

Once the appropriate solar project plan and quotation are determined, we will process the application for the “Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff” scheme and submit the solar system design, electrical installation and related technical drawings to The power company approves.


Solar system installation

After receiving confirmation from the power company, we will start customizing the solar panels and engineering materials and arrange transportation. The entire solar system installation process usually takes approximately 5 to 7 days and can begin approximately three weeks after confirmation.


Solar panel testing and completion

After the solar panel installation is completed, we will conduct 8 safety tests to ensure the normal operation of the solar system and comply with the requirements of the power company and the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Office.


Install electricity meter and connect to power grid

The power company will arrange personnel to conduct on-site inspections and verify whether the entire solar panel system has been completed as required. Once confirmed, we will install a Renewable Energy FiT smart meter to connect your solar system to the grid.